Nominations Open for ‘Young Star of the Year’ Awards 2018

Variety, the Children’s Charity of Jersey, has opened the nominations for the next Young Star of
the Year Awards.

Now in its eighth year, the poignant ceremony celebrates the courage, creativity and commitment of children and young people in Jersey. Islanders are invited to nominate the young people that they believe should be recognised and rewarded for their achievements. The event categories include:

Courage, Community, Carer, Sports, Arts and Academia

Nominations can be made online at Hard copies of the nomination forms will be available in schools around Jersey at the beginning of term in September 2017, or can be collected from all Co-operative food stores and parish halls. Nominations close in mid December 2017.

A special gala event will be held for the shortlisted youngsters, this will take place on Sunday 4th March, 2018 and will share the inspirational stories of the young stars. The overall Young Star of the Year will be awarded an incredible £5,000 worth of travel vouchers to contribute to a family holiday of their choice. Winners of each category will also receive £500 worth of vouchers, and the runners up will take home £100 worth of vouchers. Every shortlisted youngster takes home a

Sandra Auckland, Chairman of the Young Star event, says:

‘It’s been a long wait but I am so excited to finally open the nominations for the 2018 Young Star of the Year Awards. Variety, the Children's Charity, is dedicated to making a lasting difference by bringing hope and comfort to children who maybe either disadvantaged or have special needs. These awards provide the perfect opportunity to recognise the many deserving youngsters in Jersey and I hope that many people will feel encouraged to put forward their nominations. This is a chance to recognise Jersey’s diverse and vibrant young community; children are the future and this event is so important to encourage their ambitions and future aspirations.’

Colin Macleod, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), The Channel Islands Co-operative Society, says:

‘The Variety Young Star of the Year Awards is always a significant event in our calendar. But the lead up to the event is just as important. This is the time when people have the chance to put forward their nominations and really make sure that every deserving youngster is recognised for their achievements. It is important for us to celebrate the many inspiring young Islanders and the Channel Islands Co-Operative Society is once again honoured to be part of this year’s Awards’.

Download a nomination form or complete the form below

Nomination Form 2018


Name of Youngster nominated



School Attended

Name of Youngster's Parent(s)/Guardian


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Name of Nominator

Relationship to Youngster

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I explicitly acknowledge that I have read and understood the terms and conditions governing the Young Star of the Year (Jersey) Awards. By submitting this form I hereby agree that I have the legal authority to permit the nomination of the child named on this form to be considered by the judging panel for the Variety’s Young Star of the Year Awards 2015.


Parents/ Guardians will be required to sign a separate form giving their permission at shortlist stage. I explicitly acknowledge that I have read and understood the terms and conditions governing the said awards (at  I further acknowledge that information gleaned through the awards process may be publicly disseminated to recognised media and on the internet in accordance with the terms and conditions.  I accept and understand that information about the nominee will be passed to recognised media organisations for purposes associated with the Young Star of the Year (Jersey) Awards.

Variety’s ‘Star of the Year’ 2014 announced

On Sunday 11th October, at a magical ‘winter wonderland’ themed gala lunch, winners of the Variety Star of the Year awards were announced. Twelve youngsters were recognised and rewarded for a range of diverse achievements.

Aimed at young people in the Island aged between six and sixteen the annual awards celebrate the courage, creativity, and commitment of children and young people in Jersey.

The overall winner and Star of the Year award went to Tiago Fernandes, after he was placed joint first in the Star of Courage category.

Tiago was involved in a serious road traffic accident four years ago; tragically his mother was killed in this accident, which also involved three other members of his family. Suffering a brain injury in the crash, Tiago remained in a coma for a long time and he continues to receive medical and therapeutic intervention for a range of complex issues due to the injuries he sustained.

Tiago was nominated for the award by the staff of Haute Valley School, Miss Cathy Laing Tiago’s head of year said. “Tiago is a great student and a role model to his peers and the rest of the school. He is conscientious and hardworking. Tiago is a lovely sensitive young man, he has made excellent relationships with staff and students, who respect and admire him.”

She continued, “Tiago shows amazing strength and determination to achieve his personal goals and targets and continues to always find time to support and encourage his younger siblings Leandro (14) and Erica (12) both of whom were also involved in the accident. He has been, and still is, going through so much and yet remains so positive, smart, enthusiastic and brave!”

Tiago took home the fabulous top prize of an incredible £5,000 worth of travel vouchers from Co-operative Travelmaker.

The 2014 event marked some changes in format of the event and along with celebrating ‘Stars’ who shine in the areas of; Courage, Community and Carer; two new categories were added to reward young islanders who show outstanding achievement in the fields of Sports and Arts.

Winning youngsters, of the remaining categories, who each received £500 worth of Co-operative vouchers were:

Star of Courage

2 overall winners were selected in this category due to the outstanding nature of their nominations

Winners: Tiago Fernandes, age 16 and Alexandra De Sousa, age 6

Finalists: Euan McCarthy, age 7 and Louise Stewart Scott, age 13


Star as Carer

Winner: Zynah Renouf age, 11

Finalist: Nicole Gueguen, age 10


Star of the Community

Winner: Eadie Roberts, age 8

Finalist: Laurent Ybert, age 15


Star of Sports

Winner: Charlotte Pollard, age 15

Finalist: Oisin Devitt, age 12


Star of the Arts

Winner: Jadine Ingram, age 16

Finalist: Esther Cushen, age 10


Commenting on this, the fifth annual event Sandra Auckland, the Chief Barker for Variety said, “This year the Judges shortlisted twelve amazing youngsters, all with such inspirational stories and I had the privilege of meeting them all the month before the event.  I am so proud to be part of Variety, to have been able to organise such an event for the 5th year and I am so grateful to all our sponsors, without whom this event would not be possible, especially The Channel Islands Co-operative Society Limited.  I would also like to thank all those who helped me to re-format this event this year and who gave so much of their time to ensure that it would be memorable to so many youngsters and their families."

Colin Macleod, Chief Executive Officer of primary sponsor The Channel Islands

Co-operative Society said, “The Channel Islands Co-operative Society is proud to be associated with such a worthy event as the Variety’s Star of the Year Awards.

It is gratifying to know that even in the most difficult times wonderful stories of courage, strength of character and compassion emerge and from this we are able to recognise and reward these very special unsung heroes for their efforts.”

Winners 2014

The Judges felt that Tiago had shown so much courage over the last 4 years, after all that he has gone through and yet he still remains positive. He has had to cope with substantial changes in the home since the tragic accident in which his mother died. He made such an impression on his teachers and staff at Haute Vallee School that they nominated him for this award. They all respect and admire him and have said that they miss him now that he has moved to Highlands College. Even though he sustained a brain injury for which he is still receiving medical assistance for his complex needs he still shows amazing strengths and determination to achieve his personal goals and targets.

Tiago Fernandes

Tiago Fernandes


Laurent Ybert

Laurent Ybert - finalist in Star of the Community

Esther Cushen

Esther Cushen - finalist in Star of the Arts

Eadie Roberts

Eadie Roberts

Eadie Roberts - Winner of Star of the Community

2013 Winners

Winners 2013

Rosie Nicholls

Rosie Nicholls

Daniela de Gouveia

Daniela de Gouveia

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